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What's Dolphin Services?

DEWIN has a rich experience for 18 years. All staffs of the company are devoted to making it become the most professional trade supplier with most valuable and best services (we call it dolphin service) for clients around the world. Dolphin service means we help you filter bad options, and make better choices in an efficient way. So we are professional to provide real information and help people choose suppliers and products you want. Always keeping real to products and clients is our faith, and never changed. So it’s our responsibility to make sure the truth of all information of suppliers and products we provide. At the same time, we are always strict with suppliers and products that we provide and make sure the control of the entire production process. In order to make it implement, usually we go to factories to get full supervision, and make inspection reports regularly; In addition, advanced price comparison, advanced logistic service, advanced technology consultation and risk control service are provided here for clients..

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Finding the right suppliers well suited your requests ( not only cheaper)

You can find some projects we worked with our clients recently.

Providing DEWIN DOLPHIN REPORT with the real information about the suppliers to help you see the unseen and make the correct decision .

You can find some projects we worked with our clients recently.

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Making sure the process of production is according to TS 16949 (IATF 16949) or our common agreement.

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Providing financial support to our VIP partners to help them getting the big project from their clients .

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